silentobscenity (silentobscenity) wrote,

this weekend

yesterday at sf.. that was pretty awesome. lol saw sara at the door but she couldn't stay.. got to ride tons of stuff.. which was shocking.. there wasn't hardly anyone there. but yeah, deja vu was closed.. so that bit.. then we left and went out to eat. good food. came home and i went to a party thing..went shopping for some clothes before the party and got starbucks (chai tea)

here's how the party was.. it was next door.. at the multi-millionare's house.. (he lives here cause he likes the ordinary upper middle class people) he had flown in salmon from alaska.. we are in atlanta.. and the auburn swim team was there of course b/c their daughter is one of them. so yeah.. olympic swimmers some of them.. one of them was supposed to be in a movie today.. wonder if they went.. probably so.. so i kinda felt like i was at a hollywood party if you know what i mean.. i mean.. these people own an awesome camper worth $192k.. so yeah.. they are loaded.. and i found out that my g-ma is worth 4 to 5 million.. good stuff huh? it's strange going from middle/lower middle class and coming up here to upper upper middle class you know?

today.. bit.. we only rode 2 rides and deja vu was still closed.. but yeah.. we played games and i got a razberry smoothie.. so that was nice. then we came home.. and that's it.. but this weekend has been good.
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